TLP700 Coaxial Cable Installation Kit for 734A and 735A Cable

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TLP700 Coaxial Cable Installation Kit for 734A and 735A Cable. 1aCableTools is pleased to put together the best stripper kit in the industry. We use quality, durable tools so you can be confident that your applications will be completed with ease. 1. The Coastel Cable battery powered Port-A-Strip coaxial cable stripper features a larger battery pack than other brands. This larger battery provides longer high-speed torque for the cutter heads to work more efficiently without the adjustments that other brands with smaller battery packs require. Quick-change patented cutter heads are provided in two strip dimensions: .344 x .093 x .156 and .344 x .093 x .156. Blades last up to 15,000 strips. 2. Featured Trompeter brand crimp tool is calibrated to the appropriate closure force at the factory. A calibration sticker is applied to the tool. Recalibration is offered by Trompeter Tools. With its ergonomic design, the CT4L crimp tool delivers up to 50 percent better mechanical gain than any other kind of crimper. This increase gives significantly lower handle force, resulting in fewer work-related injuries. For work on 734/735 cables with 0.178/0.255" crimp nest dimensions, SPC provides the CD3-19 die set. 3. A 12-point indent center pin crimper completes the crimping equipment. 4. You also get a heavy-duty snap-off blade utility knife. 5. plus a direct-reading inch-dial caliper with a measuring capacity of 0 to 6". This rugged instrument measures four ways: inside, outside, depth and step readings. 6. Next we include a standard T-Cutter with a wire range up to 1/2" O.D. fine-stranded cable and No. 10 AWG wire. Custom-cushioned grips and a versatile pliers-type nose make this tool comfortable to use. 7. All of these quality tools come in a #2 ester foam-filled BLACK ABS plastic case. * The 11.1-pound unit is 12.5 x 17.75 x 6".

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